Mobile Phone Fitness App Gets Award

Technology has made society lazy. The TV remote control has removed the need to make quick abdominal crunches in order to stand up from the bed or couch and change the channel. The elevator and escalator have eliminated the need to burn calories and make leg and feet exercises. The Internet and Google has eliminated the need to physically walk to the library and to physically sweat out in finding the books you need in order to finish that concept paper in English 100. Moreover, the fast food chains has eliminated the need to cook fresh and healthy foods in the kitchen, and instead opting to cut time and make fast food but dumped with different preservatives and other diabetic and carcinogenic-causing chemicals.

In fact, many people nowadays devote much of their time to work and eating – like toiling away the day in front of a personal computer, alone in the cubicle, while munching on a pack of potato chips and gulping lots of caffeine-rich energy drink. Unfortunately, the pendulum of equilibrium swings to the other end, and time catches up with us. Later do we realize that, after the wild goose chase and sybaritic hedonism, we are fat, alone and unhappy.

What one does in order to change? We move. Literally, to melt all that fat, and figuratively, to be someone we aspire to become. The latter end of the 20th century technology may have marked the end of hunger and the emergence of physical indolence among the industrialized countries and metropolitan cities, but the 21st century has brought us back to our senses, with the emergence of the health and wellness industry and with the increasing number of aging Baby Boomers.

Numerous health experts have been providing a lot of weight loss information and selling books on how to motivate people about wearing those gym shoes, eating green salad and quitting smoking. Health information is important so we will not forget to nourish and nurture our bodies. That is why the new gadget NextGen for the Blackberry launched by Gym Technik has bridged the gap in technology-assisted health and fitness maintenance. NextGen is a program which helps in monitoring vital statistics as one progresses through his or her exercise regimen or workout. It is a one of a kind fitness application that is directly installed on one’s mobile phone. It definitely helps keep one’s New Year resolutions to lose those extra pounds.

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